Just buy yourself the ‘dang flowers

Last week I was in Trader Joe’s and as always gushed over the beautiful flowers as I walked into the store. I often think about buying flowers just because, HOWEVER my practical, aka cheapskate, side always talks me out of it. (unless, of course, people are coming over or family is visiting). This time I lingered a bit longer. I walked around the display several times, and saw the prettiest melon coloured roses – 9 roses to a bunch. For some reason the roses seemed like such an indulgence, I mean shouldn’t someone else be buying me flowers? Is it frivolous to buy flowers for no reason at all, after all, they eventually die. Do I really want to add on to my already borderline extravagant grocery bill? And so I came up with all sorts of justifications and stories as to why I really should buy them for myself…

• Kids are back to school – “Woo Hoo! I should Celebrate!!!”
• Kids are entering Middle and High School – “Boo, my kids are getting older, I’m getting older – flowers might cheer me up”.
• Boyfriend is on a trip – “He’s having a blast while I’m here at home – I deserve these flowers”

This internal dialogue went on for about a minute or so – and this time my little voice in my heart overruled my head and said:

“Just BUY the dang flowers – seriously you don’t NEED a reason!!”

I think my heart was a bit fed up with my overactive mind.
Here’s the thing, we don’t need to justify the little things we do for ourselves! We need to not only take care of ourselves, but we also need to listen to the callings and things that bring JOY to our hearts.

These sweet flowers have already brought joy to me every time I look at them. It is a week later, and they are seriously the happiest flowers I have ever seen and they are still thriving!
And by the way, the bunch of 9 gorgeous melon coloured roses cost a whopping $3.99 (it is Trader Joe’s after all). It’s a good thing I don’t have that internal dialogue over buying the organic apples.

Be good to yourself and buy the ‘dang flowers!  Next, I’m getting a massage 🙂


xo Michele

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