Launching Bloom Brave Movie Nights!!!


I’m so excited to launch Bloom Brave Movie Nights at Beacons!  

Join us for a kickoff of the Bloom Brave “Movie Club” nights on Sunday November 20th!! Let’s wrap up the weekend and mentally prepare ourselves for the holidays and some of the family “fun” that can go along with it.  Every month or so we will launch a new movie with a relevant discussion!  They will be fun, laid back and a great way to connect on a Sunday evening!

Book clubs are fun, but how many times do you run out of time to read the book, or if you do, you end up not even discussing it on Book Club night?

Movie, Popcorn, Wine, Sisterhood and Family Dysfunction – what else could you want to start off the pre-holiday season???

This is a no stress, no preparation, show up in your yoga pants and fuzzy socks or pjs kind of night!  Bring a pillow and a blanket and your most casual self – we will relax with popcorn, wine, or a warm cozy drink, watch a movie.  Afterwards we will have a casual group discussion about family shenanigans (feel free to bring your stories!) and share how we can prepare ourselves to thrive through the holidays even in challenging situations.

Click HERE for more information and to register!!

We are saving a space for YOU!!

xo Michele

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