Brave Girls Club

What is Brave Girls Club?


Brave Girls Club, founded by Melody Ross and Kathy Wilkins is on a wild and crazy mission to find all of the brave women of the world…to help them find each other…then to change the world with good news, good ideas, good people, and good times.

Brave Girls Club is a worldwide community of women (of every age!) who want to live the best, happiest, most productive and fabulously brave life they can possibly live…and that means something different to every single one of us.

Brave Girls Club is an online community, a portal for amazing connections, a news source for everyday heroes, a resource for great ideas, amazing endeavors, everyday problem solving, realistic recipes and unforgettable get-togethers. Brave Girls Club is a place to feel free, to feel peace, and to feel brave.  Brave Girls Club is life-changing fun, life-changing truths, and life-changing friendships.

Can I be a Brave Girl?

YES!  Know this: we created Brave Girls Club just for you and women like you.    Brave Girls Club is not an exclusive club…every woman is invited.

cropped-Bloom1-copy.jpgis OVER THE MOON EXCITED to be a licensee of Brave Girls Club and Soul Restoration.  Michele Bailey is a Certified Instructor for Soul Restoration (Soul Restoration is a Brave Girls Club course by Melody Ross and made popular at Brave Girls Camp).

There are SO many ways to be a part of Brave Girls Club and Bloom Brave:

  • LEARN MORE about Brave Girls Club
  • SIGN UP for daily “A Little Bird Told Me” emails
  • LEARN about Brave Girl University online courses
  • FIND OUT about Brave Girl Symposium Summer 2017 – Join us for this can’t miss event!!!
  • ATTEND a Bloom Brave event locally in Denver or an upcoming retreat location!
  • CHECK OUT other events all around the country from other amazing Certified Instructors!

Whew – now that’s a whole lotta goodness and loving!

…and we’ve saved a seat just for you!!!

xo Michele